Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weapons of all Flavors

I have been beating my head against a wall for some time about weapons in the book.  Not because the weapons are important...they probably will not be important at all.  But because they offer a guide post for the creation of other weapons and can help to arm an NPC in an unexpected encounter.

See in Manifest Destiny the RPG, I have included a system for the creation of weapons and armor.  This system is simple and can be altered, modified, and added to quite easily.  The reason I think the weapons I am making right now will be irrelevant to the player is because most players will probably look to make things that are far better then the vanilla weapons I am putting forth.  So with this it is easy to see that anything a player will make, unless limited by the cost or the GM, will be better then what I am making now with the same system.

So that leaves what I am making in the real of the GM and how that person plans to use the things I am making.  In most cases I see the items as fodder for NPC's and basic gear.  Something that is easy to reference and add on the fly with a minimum of hassle and rooting around.  But it also makes it hard to get done cause since it is not for the players and may just be entirely is not a very motivating set of reasons.

But I am slowly working them out.  Right now I have eleven out of twenty six done and I am just plodding through them ad I have the chance.  At least making them helped to highlight some contextual errors in my writing and some options I was missing.  Not a bad thing in my opinion.

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