The Pencil

It may be a little odd given that I am a computer geek and all.  But I still love to use a pencil.  There is something visceral about it.  something that gets right down to the heart of what it is to write.

For me, I like to use a mechanical pencil.  A Pilot Dr. Grip mechanical pencil with a nice metallic blue finish.  Sadly my previous Dr. Grip pencil was damaged and rendered inoperable by the nefarious actions of a five year old I call my son.

Replacing my lost pencil was also a pain cause they have stopped making them a while ago.  In fact the blue one I have now was found only though the efforts of my wife as she hunted across our little slice of San Jose, Ca.  Lets hope that nothing ever happens to this one till I find something just as comfortable.

To really put a point on why I like this pencil.  Manifest Destiny, before it ever graced a keyboard and screen actually graced many a page of paper.  In fact I have filled so far four wire bound notebooks with thoughts, math, ideas, and systems.  And I am working on my fifth notebook.  Not to even mention the sixth notebook that I have been scrawling ideas in for a table top strategy games based around ship to ship combat in space.

SO, this is why this page exists.  The mighty pencil, the glorious graphite, and always elegant eraser.  They have served me well and will continue to serve me far unto the future.  Or at least until they stop making paper for me to write on.  :-D