The Dream

My first goal for this system was to make it simple and adaptive.  To engage the player with consistent systems that reduced confusion that got in the way of game play.  This is really what I am working on now.

MD is more then just rules on playing the game.  It has in it rules and systems for making the game.  With the first book players will be able to design their own weapons, armor, magical items, races, enemies, and more.  The point is that it is all consistent.

This consistency helps to make things simple.  By being consistent, there are fewer snags, issues, and questions.  And this helps to make game play more of the focus then trolling around for rules.

The second goal for me was to make the game expandable.  To make sure that the game can be extended into new places, times, and plot lines.  The core book only really covers a time from of up to one year after the cataclysm, the defining cut off between all that was old world and all that is new.

By looking at where things can go, this game can be taken to other worlds, other universes, and other times with out getting in its own way.  And while remaining consistent in a way that will not be unbalancing to the system or the games main plot line.

Community is a major part of any game.  And in RPG's it appears that the community is under served.  A long term goal of this project is not to just make a book.  But to enable the community to get together, find games, share ideas, and do what this game is meant to do.  Be played by people that spent money on it.

To do this I am looking at developing a community site for the game.  A place where gamers can find each other, form local games, and even rate those in the game.  Bad players, those that ruin the game can earn a reputation that keeps them out of other groups.  Good players can earn good points making them more desired.

But more then the social aspect.  I want this place to be something where players can create for the community.  Unique creatures and enemies.  New stories and quest lines.  Custom items, skills, powers, spells.  So that instead of just being one book, you gain a world of information to use.

I will admit it, I never thought that I would be writing a book based RPG.  I thought when I was in school I would get a job at some graphics house doing 3D art for movies.  Amazing how things go wrong...or may be they went right.

Role playing games need to look at and embrace new technologies and capabilities.  There is so much out there that can be used to refine the medium.  To make it more interesting to the player and the game master.  Augmented reality where using your phone you can see a map, a character, an enemy from just a simple glyph on the page.

Interconnectivity of devices, where played can come together with their books on electronic pads that create an ad-hock network.  Where the system can be served over those devices to call rolls, manage characters, and conflicts.  But keep the story separate allowing fights and rolls to be faster and the story to flow more smoothly.

This is the vision I see.  This is how technology can be embraced by the RPG world.  Never forgetting the past...but embracing the future and all it offers.  These games are about the adventure, the story, and the friendships made around a table.  Not the book and rules.

I see that this can be more then just a book.  Given the right mix of luck, skill, and determination.  I see this game going from paper to video.  It can be what ever I and other will it to be.  It can be a comic.  It can be a video game.  It can be an MMO.  It can be anything that we will it to become.

But that will can not just be mine.  It is the will of all that will make all of these dreams viable.  The community that may build up to embrace these dreams and see it come to life.  And then to let this game, this dream have its own life.  Because at some point I know it will no longer be my dream alone.  But the dream of those that have made their wishes known through time, effort, money, and imagination.

To the Dreamers...may we all manifest our destinies!