Thursday, May 4, 2017

Furbolg: The Age of Awakening

    The rise of the Firbolg, much like that of the Asterilians, is not well understood. The current theory is that the Firbolg are not a natural species, that they were created by the Asterilias using human genes as a base. This is corroborated by tests done on Furbolg and species on their world.

    Testing shows that the Firbolg are a combination of Human genes and an indigenous species called the Bolg by the Asterilians. The Bolg are a herbivorous species, resembling the Buffalo on Earth, that graze on the planes of the planets southern continent. The same continent that gave rise to the Asterilians.

    How did this come to pass? Well it is believed that the Furbolg were created over a couple centuries. The Asterilians used the genes they preserved and selectively combined them with select bolg that met their designs. Over time, generation after generation, those domesticated Bolg started to change.

    Evidence of this forced evolution can be found in certain areas as pens and skeletons with varying bone structures can be found in the same general area. For what reason this was done is far easier to answer, cheep labor. The Asterilians are not a strong species, in fact they are quite frail compared to other forms of life.

    Over time the Asterilians likely discovered that to progress as a species, as a society, they needed a little more muscle. At the same time, to perpetuate the species they needed something to keep away other herbivores that would try to eat their seedlings. So to fill those two needs, they made the Furbolg much like we made the Golemites.

    There is little more on the Furbolg though. They appear to be an agrarian species that leans away from any form of violence. They will fight if pressed to do so with dire consequences for those they are attacking. They have very sturdy frames and their musculature is dense. But they lack a certain nuance of thought, their culture is primitive and subservient, tribal even.

    Sadly there is not much more to add about their culture at this time. This article will be updated if more information is discovered.

To be Continued: “Vyrmkin: The Age of Awakening”

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