The World

At this time I have been in three universes, the first I was born in, the second was destroyed, and the third is where I am now. There is not allot more that I can say about it. Oh you want to know about them...I guess I can do that.

The Old World, the one we all came from was a masterpiece of magical theory and control. The powerful living high in the glimmering fortresses of steel and glass that floated above the ground. And then there were the rest, living below in the dirt and mud. There were those in between, but in truth they were few and grew to be fewer each day.

Those that ruled kept an iron grip on everything they could. But those on the bottom found their way to making it endurable. It was not till colonization began that things felt like they were changing though. A new universe, far from the grip of those in power. At least that is what were were told.

Many volunteered, chose willingly to go to this new world where they could have a better life. myself, were forced into it cause we found things. Things the powers on high did not like. What ever the reason the result was the same. A one way trip to another universe.

What surprised many was that things did not change. The powers had time to prepare the new world and so little changed. People tried to resist, fighting, riots, even a couple wars between growing empires. But in the end it took a world shattering change to bring equality back. The Cataclysm was this change.

Created by our own hand, our spells and devices from the old world slowly caused instabilities in this new universe. The bubble would have popped if it had not been for a single dragon stepping out of line. His kind never really liked us...but this one, he was different. Valenthax was his name.

He spread the word of the coming doom and gathered those that listened. And when the day came, we gathered with him. He used his godlike powers to shield us and tore a rift in the universe its self. Fire rained from the sky burning everything. Purple balls of flame rained down, killing all of the tainted and turning them into armies of undead...but the universe was saved. Afterwards Valenthax payed for his disobedience...and where he is now, no one knows.

After the Cataclysm those that remain are now in a new universe. Untainted by the sins of the past. But with so much lost, there is much to do. New colonists come every day and those that would prey on them are right on their heals. Both the good and bad of society are being tossed through the portals to this place.

Mutation is rampant, new races appear each day. And all we can do is try to hold it together as we clear the undead from our cities so we can make them home again. I fear for any one that comes to this place now. With out a strong heart, a generous mind, and a hand on their steel...they may not survive.

But to those that can, this place is freedom from the past. The future is waiting to be written and they will be the ones writing it.

From The Journal of Eugene Cantaro, Golemite Colonist
Translated and Collected by Galius Falthero, Human Observation Corp.