Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tightening the nuts and bolts

Well another week and more things to work on.  I have not really been doing anything to astonishing right now.  Just fixing small inconsistencies and reworking some of the numbers to make sure they present better and are a little more idiot proof.  Like that is really possible...

Any way, I have been filling in gaps in the skill system to make sure I have all the skills that are needed.  Fine tuning character creation and the careers that help build your character up and develop some history.  Not to much else really.

May be I will have more to talk about in a little.  But I figure it is better to not make a post and focus on the book then it is to blather on for hours about this and that and never get anything done at all.  Any way I will keep fiddling about and working on my project.  It has been along time coming and a difficult path.  But I knew what I was in for.

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