Friday, January 28, 2011

Progress and Ideas

Slowly I have been beating on several fronts and it has been an interesting ride.  I have been working on techniques, the final link in the skill system.  I have also been writing the history of the Golemite species and how they have come to be what they are.  On top of that I have also been working on some of the more technical threats like Golems and how they became the core technology behind power armor and the Gladius Unit.

So first, I have been working on techniques to try and make sure there is a good spread of them.  Techniques are skills that serve a specific purpose.  Through intense training a character can achieve something with a technique that would either have a high degree of failure or would take multiple rolls.  An example would be allowing the character to fire three arrows from one bow hitting three separate enemies.  Or to slide a knife into an armored foes back bypassing their armor and dealing damage directly.

Techniques have certain skill dependencies that are required before they can be learned.  So a character will require the correct specializations of the proper ranks to learn the technique.  This allows a character to specialize more in depth then if the game relied on simple skills alone.

The rest of my work has been in the creation of the world and historical materials.  The history of the Golemite species has been filling out very well.  I am currently working my way out of the Golemite dark ages and their discovery of magic.  This will allow them to reclaim technology lost with the decay of Human tech over the past thousand years or so.  And allow them to create their own replacements becoming truly independent.

I have also been thinking about Golems and how they are used.  From simple robot types that have simple programing to character controlled death machines that stand thirty feet tall.  I am taking something of a side path to the Golems design.  Instead of being carved or forged.  Golems resemble robots.  They are asembled from smaller pieces allowing them to be more durable and reducing the chances of major flaws in their core materials causing weaknesses.  I am also investigating the idea of sentient golems, but only as NPC threats that GM's can use for encounters.

So...that is what I have been working on piece by piece.  It is hard some times to maintain all three trains of thought but they fir together so well with in the games dogma.  And that makes it allot easier to write in this more broken chain of thought.

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