Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The children of man and their personalities.

Over the past couple weeks, besides being sick as a flee bitten mongrel, I have been working on finishing the six core character races; Dralarian, Golemite, Podling, Vyrmkin, Kudu, and Furbolg.  This has been something of a long process for me because as I have been altering and changing the system, some times though major rewrites, they have had to change a little also.

But the core ideas behind them have also remained the same.  The Golemites will have allot of variety, the Kudu will be Squirrel tech heads, and the Asterilians...well they got the Ax.  They There were just to many issues with them, so I wrote them out of the main story and made their creations, the Podlings, a main race instead.

In any case I have been working to make sure that their background, culture, and core information fits well onto two pages each.  But I am also looking at creating supplementary information about them so that they can be more real if you desire.  I have some time and the writing is fun if not time consuming.

It is all about the details, what happened when and why.  That takes time to be reasonable...even in fantasy, you have to have a little amount of sense.  So any way hat is what I am up to right now with the RPG.

On a side note, looks like opinions of the system are good.  Those that have looked it over and that are in the know have stated it is very complete and they could see nothing wrong with it.  That made me smile since the core of the game needs to be solid.  But I will not delude my self, there is still some rewriting to do.  Old information needs to be reworked a little to make sure it all fits properly.  But more on that one later.

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