Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fighters and Missiles and Torps, Oh my!

I have been dedicating allot of run to to my work on the table top role playing game. Part because I have hit a very thick brick wall with Manifest Destiny. And partly cause I need an editor to continue as I can not do it all my self any more.

It is frustrating to know that you do not have all the necessary skills to achieve the goals at hand. Worse is when your so deep into something that you get lost and the only way out is if some one comes in and digs you out. That is kind of where I am at with Manifest Destiny.

So for the time I have been refining MD: Star Blazer. I have been reworking fighters and missiles/torpedo's to be a little more friendly. The issue was that they had to many attributes and I have had to simplify them signifacantly. This meant the removal of things like armor and other more cumbersome attributes and replacing them with a more generalized structure.

This extends to all of the systems, fighters have been getting a rework since they have the potential to be a very powerful tool. In turn I have had to rework their bays to a simpler number scheme and deployment rules. Missiles will be getting a couple alterations once fighters are done. Missiles will get more options but be simpler to use then I have right now. And torpedo's will also get some touch ups to.

All in all I have been filling my black notebook with rewrites like no bodies business. Fortunately enough this is not wasted work. Everything that I am doing with MD:SB will also find it's way into MD at some future point. That is what expansion books are for after all. But till those, there is allot of work to do. So back to my pencil and paper.

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