Friday, June 19, 2009

When my brain cells fail...

Not being able to focus is a pain most days. More so for me when my ADD flares up and I just can not retain a strait line of thought. But I am still thinking and I have notebooks for those odd thoughts. So here is one: how can I make MD:Star Blazers stand out?

I am not really a table top player. I think the breadth of experience I have comes from my kicking my friends tail all across a hex map in BattleTech. So I really do not know what is out there. And really I have no experience with space strategy table top.

But my rules so far lend towards a fast game and I have been keeping the system simple. Plus it is all based on the same roll system as Manifest Destiny. So far people have been telling me that that is a good path. But the question is, how do I break this out from the nice realm into the main stream.

I suppose may be that is just a dream...or I may get it right and whamo, it all works out. Not to sure how it will end up though. Well what ever the case, things will happen as they happen and I can not really do a thing about it.

My son will be in day camp starting next week and so barring him being booted out. I should be able to order my thoughts so that I can start writing more in the role playing game and the table top also. Till Monday...or Sunday if I have a thought and an bored.

Now if only Thunt would update goblins... ;-D

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