Monday, June 1, 2009

The death of a computer...

Well...after a bonehead stunt om my part, my main computer is a brick. The choices of what could be going on are few. If I got lucky, my CPU just came unseated enough to be an issue. If not, then the CPU or the Mother Board droped dead...or both.

So, this has put something of a crimp in my writing of the RPG. I mean I have a back up computer and all, in fact I am using it right now. But most of my writing is on the one that just kicked it. So my options tend to be slim in what I can really do. At least this thing can, kind of, run Travian and Evony. But I have also had to set up a sitter in travian due to my being off trying to fix things.

Any way, I will try to keep working till I figure it out.

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