Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sunday Musings. vol. 1

Well it is Sunday, so I am not really going to talk about manifest destiny at all.  Instead I am just going to muse a little.  So best I guess to compose some random thoughts.

Thought 1: I have been playing a couple games as of late on my computer.  They are both MMO games to some degree.  But they are web based MMO's.  The first I started about two months ago when I stopped playing Warhammer Online.  It is called Travian and it is fun if not a little cut throat.  The older players can be really nice, or just plane ass's.  But it is a game and what is one to expect right?

The second web based mmo I have been playing is called Evony.  It is flash based and much like Travian, but it is far more complex.  Something that I can really get into given that I like to see and tinker with systems.  It almost reminds me of my days playing Eve Online...Now that game was fun.  And it really was not about the game at all but the people that I would chat with in the alliance or corporation.

Thought 2: I am not to sure there is a thought two...I have been thinking about the sixth race in the game and what it's description will be.  You see there are six races, and at first I only created cursory descriptions for them.  I have been in the process of doing better then that with more detailed descriptions of the in-game races.  The last one I need to do is the Vyrmkin (pronounced Verm - Kin).  Oh when will you get to read about the six races in the game?  Probably when I have some images to tack in with them.  After all a picture is worth a thousand words...and I know you need not reed a thousand words from me in just one post.

Well that is all, I am going to get back to my thinking and games.  And I do suggest people take a look at Travian and Evony.  They are fun, you just have to be patient when you play them.  They can take a bit really to do anything.  Just hope you do not get parked next to close is a bad thing and I will take you out.

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