Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Humanity: The Age of Awakening

    Before the rise of magic, Human society and culture were already on the edge. For hundreds of years overcrowding, poverty, starvation, social abuses, and more took their toll on society. It was only through military force that order was maintained. Magic was the final straw that sent human civilization spiraling out of control for.

    Rampant greed and inequality spurred a desire to have what one percent of the population had. Waves of wishes caused the collapse of economies during the chaotic days of magic. When things were stabilized and rules were in place, the economies settled, but the damage was done. The poor and impoverished realized this new force allowed them to have power.

    Much like firearms, magic made people equal. No longer could the force of arms keep those at the bottom down. They had their own power now, and they used it. One by one planets started to burn with revolt. The poor used magic to strike back at those they saw as keeping them hungry, poor, and sick.

    Earth tried to reign in the violence to no avail. Within a year eighty three percent of the human sphere was embroiled in civil war. The economy failed soon after. Trade between planets stopped, the government was bankrupt, and the military fractured. If this alone was not enough, greater tragedy followed soon after.

    Without trade, the technologies that were used to support the populations of many worlds that had been terraformed started to fail. Civil war after civil war gripped these worlds until the end as those that fought for equality then fought for the last gasps of air on their dying world. After fifty years, only eight worlds remained inhabited by humans out of ninety three. Hundreds of billions died as man made ecosystems collapsed or faded away entirely.

    As the human empire fell, in a secluded area on Earth, an eccentric philosopher and experimental physicist was working on a new spell. Originally she intended to use it as a way to prove theories she had concerning the universe. But as time passed and once inhabited planets were lost, her goals changed.

    In her mind, Humanity needed to be saved, as soon it would be reduced to a single planet species again. So she found a way to move humans to another plane of existence where thought and magic would be more relevant than the frail human form. With this she spent the last years of her life creating and perfecting the Ascension Spell.

    Using her Golemite assistants as sacrifices to give her the mana she needed, she became the very first to use the spell. Through it her body and mind were shifted into another realm of existence. Shortly after she appeared to many people giving them the formula as well, this began the final days of humanities time on this plane of existence.

    Machines were built that could gather the energy needed to activate the complex spell. One by one Humanity became a legend. All that would remain were the ruins of their past and the five child races they had a hand in making.

To be continued in “Golemites: The Age of Awakening”

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