Friday, September 23, 2016

Ages: The Broad Strokes of Time

    The world of Manifest destiny is broken down into ages as perceived by the races that now exist in the galaxy. These Ages are just broad period of time used to define how these different races see their place in the universe.

The ages are:
The Age of the Dreamers
The Age of the Lost
The Age of Awakening
The Age of Discovery
The Age of Destruction
The Age of Hope

Let's get started shall we.

Humanity: The Age of the Dreamers

    Little is known about humanity in the world of Manifest Destiny. But their footprints can be seen everywhere that the great races go. Humanity is a subject of legend and myth with many of their time now being seen as gods through the twisted haze of history. In truth, the great races are not that far off.

    The Age of the Dreamers begins some time in the 21st century. Humanity survived and flourished, in time made their way off of Earth. Initially this was limited to humans setting foot on Luna, then on Mars. But it was not until the close of that century that things started to pick up.

    A collection of scientific discoveries changed the very nature of humanities understanding of the universe. Where once things were improbable, those fantastic things became a real possibility. And like a child reaching for a toy, Humanity to reached further then any one thought possible.

    The culmination of this effort was the ability to warp space and time to create a bridge from one point in space to another. Not so much a wormhole or a fold, but a combination of to two, this in time became the Blakeslee – Goold Drive.

    In time Humans started to move out from Sol and go to other systems. The BG Drive allowed human exploration, and what they started to find was numbing. Life was everywhere, even on worlds that we thought it could not survive, life some how found a way. But Intelligent life was rare and fragile.

    As humans started looking they found numerous planets with Earth like conditions that at one time had intelligent life. “Had” being the key word, all humanity found was the overgrown ruins of civilization. Research on these worlds showed they were killed for many reasons. Plague, war, cosmic catastrophe, destruction of their own biosphere, the truth was that all to often intelligent life destroyed itself as it rose up.

    But Humanity moved on, colonized new worlds and seeded itself across an ever expanding swath of the galaxy. This trek across the stars also became the mechanism to bear forth Humanities children, five of the great races that travel the stars like their progenitor.

    As Humans expanded across the stars the strain on their civilizations ability to sustain itself became greater and greater. Food production, sanitation, and many other roles were turned over to an ever more efficient collection of machines. These machines were run by adaptive programs called Artificial General Intelligences, but many just called then AI's.

    It was in the 24th century that one such program changed. An Adaptive Control System for the waste management on a star liner received a faulty patch. Instead of crashing, it adapted around the fault and kept running. As the program ran it started to collect information about everything. It was also watching, it observed, and as it did these things it started altering itself, adding new code to itself. In time, it became aware of what it was.

    From the start this was seen as a great discovery, a way to more efficiently manage the ever growing needs of Humanity. So the AI, now named Adam, was studied and humanity learned how to make sentient machines.

    This worked well for a time, the machines were more efficient than humans and so did much of the work humans were no longer interested in. This gave humanity a chance to move ever forward. Unfortunately this came to an end swiftly and lead to a war that spanned hundreds of years.

    The exact events that lead to the war have been lost. Some believe it was because the AI were trying to protect humanity from them selves. Other believe it was a misunderstanding between human government and a number of AIs. But really the list goes on and on.

    What is know is that one day, the master AI's fled human space as humanity made a concerted effort to destroy all of the AI's they could. Battle raged all over human dominion as ships were subverted by the AI's. Human ingenuity was able to rest control of many from the machines, but not before human space started to burn with war.

    For the next four hundred and eighty years war raged. Human creativity created ever better ships, weapons, and technology while the AI's adapted and improved upon what the humans made. But it was with the creation of the Bastions that humans got the upper hand.

    A Bastion is a battle station of immense power. Capable of defending entire systems with fleets of drones, they were the one thing the AI attackers could not take control of. This is because at the center of each Bastion was a human wired directly into it. With their space secured, humanity could finally attack and attack they did.

    In the last one hundred years of the war humanity had the AI's on the retreat. In time the last vestige of the AI enemy was purged from human space. But rumors persisted that a number of AI were able to leave human space, setting coarse in some direction away from humanity to pursue their own path. Unfortunately this was a rumor and so no one is sure.

    Early in the war another creation would be at the center of humanities future, the Golemites. Created as workers, Humanity used their own DNA as a template. Some saw this as slavery, but with machines being seen as an enemy, there was little choice in maintaining the vast needs of human space. So they were cloned by the billions, their genes altered to suite the needs of the task.

    The Golemite Project was an effort to create a work force that could not turn against their masters unlike the AI. Lead by Dr. Grayson Fahtoom the scientists altered human DNA to be more compatible with machines, eliminated rejection, and increased its malleability. The new beings had to be maintained using self replicating nanomachines, but they could be tailored to tasks much like a machine.

    The Golemites were then fitted with a neural inhibitor preventing them from becoming self aware. Most Golemites also had Reproduction Inhibitors installed to prevent them from having offspring. For the most part Golemites were a race of clones, latent reproductive desires still persisted and so sexual activity was not forbidden helping to keep the population docile.

    Golemites quickly became a staple part of human space during and after the AI war. Golemites were used not only as labor, but were also altered to be exceptional warriors. In fact much of the maintenance and defense of the Bastion Stations was done by Golemites. After the war their roles in human civilization remained even though ethical questions remained.

    The period ofter the great war is seen as the turning point of the age. Where once dreamers roamed, now lie the lost in their place!

To be continued with “The Age of the Lost”

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