Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogedy, blogedy, blog blog....

So there has not been allot going on with Manifest Destiny the Game right now, and simply put not to sure if there will be something going on.  Reason is I have placed it on hold and am looking into a similar but different project.  Do I want to finish MD?  Hell yes.  But I do not have the time or financial assets to do it, and things took a slight turn leading to something else.

That something else is an interesting idea I had for a social website for table top games.  I know there are forums and some even have a social bent to them.  But really, this is unique and I have been looking around allot.  I have enlisted the aid of people outside of my typical circles and have been making progress with things.

Will I go into details here about  That is just I want to keep things under wraps for now.  But if all goes well and things get a good head of steam.  I will be comming back to Manifest Destiny because it and many other ideas are my dreams.  And I must pursue those dreams even if I do not succeed at them.  Till I choose to talk again, happy gaming.

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