Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to kick start things...

It has been several months since I last put my thoughts into a post. I just did not have allot to say. MD was changing, I was writing...and life was being a chaotic ball of...what ever. So really I did not have allot to say. But I have recently been poking around the net and found allot of new and interesting things. Well may be not new...new to me at least.

The main thing of interest has been a game called World of Tanks.  Now we all know tanks are cool.  Don't deny it, there is just something about a giant box of rolling armored death with a big ass gun strapped on for good measure that is just....cool!  Just admit it to your self and move forward.

Second, I found a site called Kickstarter.  A place where, if I ever get more people following this blog and my efforts to make a game, will be very handy.  I might actually be able to drum up some mullah so that some of my current issues are rendered no more.  Little things like no money to buy art...or help...or food.  You know...the little things.

Third, I found a place called Gameful.  A cute little social site for people like me.  Crazy creative people of all skills that have one thing on their minds...GAMES!!!  In fact this recent post and the addition of pages to my blog here have been the result of conversations with people there.  Who would have thunk it.

So...that is that.  I will try to be a little more consistent...can't promise anything though.  I am not to big on the self promotion thing really.  Always seamed a little narcissistic and I never had a problem like that.  May be that is why I despise the idea of twitter...hurm.

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